Got a promise but missed the Presence?

​Moses would talk with the Lord face-to-face. Amazing... Dangerous. God drops a bombshell: 'Go to the Promised Land - but I'm not going with you.' The Manifest Presence is too hazardous given their heart-set. But Moses insists. "How else are we to be distinct?" Not, "How else are we to defeat the enemy?' Not, "How else will we fund this project?" Not, "How will I manage these ragamuffins?" But, "How else will it be known that we are Yours and You are our God?" We usually don't have this determination. Provided we can gather a 'good crowd,' have a 'good word,' and even note that it was, 'greatly anointed,' we're good. Yet somehow we leave these gatherings unmarked at our core. We see this d

Go. Bring. Build: Don't miss the manifestation of the mandate

Hey! The replay is up from The Deck so you can get the download (or review it) from last night. Maybe I'm just stupid, but... It is ALWAYS amazes me how God takes a Word spoken thousands of years ago and then slaps it down with such clarity and force here and now so that I have to stand back and go, 'Yikes and yowza!' The 'living and active' word demonstrates how He is moving His Kingdom forward today and He says, 'So....Wanna play in My sandbox?' Listen and hear what the Spirit is saying to you, the church, today: Look again at any 'drought' operating against you and stop auto-blaming the enemy or warfare or life or bad luck. (Maybe He's involved?) Shift your understanding of "His house" v

Dr. God asks: Are you suffering with EBS?

EBS is Elder Brother Syndrome. Overview: This is an insidious and occasionally terminal condition that is deeply hidden, cleverly camouflaged, and frequently misdiagnosed. The syndrome creates severe hardening of the heart and increased resistance or rejection of the relentless tenderness of God. Symptoms: While there are various environmental and genetic factors that may contribute to its formation, it typically manifests as unexpressed resentment and frozen anger. Generally, the sufferer is uncertain of its origin or genesis (or that they have this syndrome) and so will self-describe the episodes as simply 'righteous anger.' ** Onset: Evidence suggests that onset occurs when the patient is

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