Dealing with the Samsons in our lives

Samson is a 'type' at the heart of what we need watch and comprehend this month: The function and dysfunction when great gifting is crossed with phenomenal flaws. We know people like this. Sometimes we ARE people like this. Some may be our kids or relations. Some are in leadership. Like Samson they can be, Arrogant Self-absorbed Emotionally charged Impulsive Even vengeful AND YET birthed, appointed and empowered by God to lead. Yikes! ​God chuckles: His ways ain't ours. He sees what we can't. Be honest, though: We also see Samson in ourselves. Self-pitying prayers. Rash acts. Vengeful motives. We can cast no stones – but must learn how to pray for the 'Samsons' we know. Clearly, thing

God is 'doubling down' - Will you have a tangible response?

We gave everyone at the Christmas Eve gathering at The Deck ten dollars in cash. Wait....WHAT? (Replay here.) Of course, we… Worshiped and sang carols. Spoke of Jesus' birth. Had communion. Spoke of Hanukkah in this alignment of time. Blessed and lit menorah candles. And passed the fire from person to person - candle to candle to receive and share the light. But to give it all real traction and the concrete ability to multiply... We sowed a small financial seed into each person. It looked like this: The removable labels tag these funds as set aside, anointed and prayed over for Kingdom advancement. A small seed but by the Spirit - enough to start. Like the light we carry within us -

Deep breath....there's more going on than a frenzy.

Buried beneath all the hubbub that hangs on this season is the still and quiet voice of the Lord. Christmas cards cannot begin to address the mind altering impact of the 'suddenly' of an angelic announcement that states, basically... "You are very favored by God. And.....ummm.... Well...your life, as you have known over." But, by the way, "That is good news." But, oh yeah, fine print here... "This is not some kind of 'clean-and-clear, all-is-forever-well, this-is-easy' kind of thing. Scripture doesn't tell us of Mary, Joseph and the cast of the back lot of Nazareth and Bethlehem because God wanted an annual party. We're told it because it sets the historical realities of His humil

Cut through or get tossed: Victor or victim?

Kim Johnson released a great and timely word at The Deck last night - particularly given the wild 'family/friends/expectations' lottery that we call 'the holidays.' For some of you who have walked with us for a season or two, this may be a timely review but with new insights. For others it can shift your world around. Too many of us who are 'supposed' to be genuinely free are actually at the mercy of the latest ploy of the enemy. And he knows it. But do you? We have, often in ignorance or rebellion, given him access and buttons: He needs simply push the right place at the right time and WHAMO! The place and work that Kim will call you into has strong personal upsides: Greater peace, reduced

God says: 'STOP! Are you really doing that for ME?'

​In all the PRESSURE of this time of year - gifts, year-end, etc. are you SEEING what God sees? Do you care or are you just too busy? Do you have His corrective lenses to discern and align? As you are 'dashing through the snow' - He's saying, 'Pull back and look: There's an old, dead glory that I need you to bury so you can be free.' ​ ​'And, oh, by the way, all that hustle and bustle to 'celebrate Christmas' that consumes you: Is it REALLY for Me?' Zach 7 is linked to this month and it requires we candidly confront that question about every 'spiritual' activity. I know we're all busy - Christmas parties, gifts to buy, cards to send, plans to make, year-end issues to wrap. But as Jesus said

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