A month for NEW OIL anointing - Grab hold! AND - Yoelquis from Cuba - The book of Acts today

The expression 'the eleventh hour' indicates that something is soon but not yet. It can be a good thing or a bad thing - You can brace for it or eagerly anticipate it. Regardless, you know that 'something's-a-coming' and things will shift. Scripture has that sense as we are in this 11th biblical month. ​The Tribe of Asher is the 11th tribe and prophetic word given by Moses is stunning. (Read above graphic.) During this month lay hold of this blessing by faith and declaration so you move ahead in confidence. Oil is key this month: Asher 'dips his foot in oil' and oil is central to the vision of the extraordinary gold lampstand (Zech 4.) For this is not just ANY oil - it is unique; direct and

If 'decisions are made by those who show up'...?

Now what? God has set a 'Samson' in office: Dramatic confrontations and situations to follow. Some things will generate hope, some fear, and some, just confusion. It's what a 'Samson' triggers. 'He did what?!' The ways of the Lord may be a constant surprise to me but they're all demonstrated in His word. Some shifts come and you'll say, 'Well, praise God!' Others you'll gasp, 'What the heck is going on?' Granted, YOU would not do it that way...YOU would not have said this...done that. But then YOU were not appointed to that position. YOU have your own assignment for this time. In your assignment, your question during this 'Change of Command' is whether you'll obey the 'command to change.' S

Old tastes better but new is released: The explosion of new wineskins from hidden places

​We have no clue how stunningly innovative and risk-obsessed is our God. No real clue as to all He is releasing. Brace yourself. We tend to think of BIG new concepts with HUGE exposure and MASSIVE production. God finds a small village with a questionable rep in a back corner of an occupied land - forgotten, ignoble, far from the limelight. Yet from there He spins up a new wineskin that set the world on fire and has yet to recover. 'Do not despise small beginnings.' God can move quick and nimbly to set a new wineskin in place that will last forever. Or He will take a hundred years to establish one that will be deployed for but a blink of an eye. Time, complexity, appearance, and longevity are

Stories of a road less travelled...and the surprising hand of God

Why would a funeral home be a good place to get married? When could getting kicked out of a church be for Kingdom advancement? How is a first bicycle like the bible to new believer? What honor is more greatly rendered: What you speak or what you allow another to speak into you? ​The replay of The Deck is now online. We intro our commitment to a culture of honor but then demonstrate that and attend to one who has sought and walked with Jesus longer than most of us have had breath: From one who didn’t have a father but now God has established as a father in The House. Through candid sharing of select encounters we see the not-always-so-subtle hand of God yanking, prodding, moving: From stage t

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