A month when what's been stirred up in you crests and breaks forward

This was an unusual word for me. I plunged back into the scriptures connected to this 3rd month and came out on a wave. A single phrase from Acts 2 triggered it all: '...when the day of Pentecost had fully come.' The greek indicates a build up: A peaking or tipping point of something started earlier but had now, in time, finally manifest. You'll need to watch the replay to see how that all comes together but here's a core principal: It's about deep waters, violent storms, and the release of waves that appear in their time. It takes time for the energy to transmit through the deep. Energy that was released in one time and location but builds, intensifies and travels to suddenly appear and ex

What kind of God you following?

'A pastor I know recalls a Sunday morning bible study at his church when the text under consideration was Genesis 22. God commands Abraham to take his son Isaac and offer him in sacrifice on Mount Moriah. After the group read the passage, the pastor offered some historical background on this period in salvation-history, including the prevalence of child-sacrifice amount the Canaanites. The group listened in awkward silence. Then the pastor asked, 'But what does this story mean to us?' A middle aged man spoke up, "I'll tell you the meaning this story has for me. I've decided that me and my family are looking for another church." The pastor was astonished, "What? Why?" "Because," the man sai

P.I.V.O.T. Up - Mind the trap of false hope in your 'Pool'

In a month when God reminds us that one of His names is 'I AM the Lord who heals you,' certain questions arise: Is the real healing you need actually emotional or spiritual? (And thereby triggering the physical?) Do you really WANT to be well? (Many of our 'issues' excuse us from things.) Do you know how to release old sources of hope that continue to disappoint and plague you? Can you position yourself as a pivot point that connects what He's done with what He still wants to do? To PIVOT is to be: Present. Immersed. Valued. Open. Trusting. The hands shown here are God's - Holding all that was and all that might be so we can release regrets/rethinking the past and worries about the future. O

Time to pivot. Don't miss what God has waiting for you next

Last night was....unique...funny...very practical and impactful: The Holy Spirit released a simple but compelling visual and model on how we embody the pivot point for what is next. Please...watch the replay. We all need to grasp how to pivot to what God is setting before us. Don't get stuck. Don't miss the shift. There's great encouragement and good news in this but also a warning: Israel missed the pivot and got 40 years of wandering - Peter made it and got promoted. The choice to pivot lies before all of us but it's not a one-time thing. These ongoing decisions surface multiple times in a year, month, or day. Learn how to pivot and pivot well. See the model - walk the steps. Once you've

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