"My people live in the shallows, but I want them in the deep."

The enemy is determined that you stay in shallow waters. To keep you operating on the surface rather than in the depths. And not just in one area of life - all of it. God wants us in the deep. Take Peter - Luke 4 and 5. He witnessed the full authority of Jesus' teaching, saw people healed and heard and saw demons dispatched at his own front door. Jesus even healed his mother-in-law. (Was that a favor?) But Pete doesn't shift. Maybe he was thinking... 'Yeah, well, He's some kind of healer, I'll grant you that.' 'But business is business and fishing is...well...far beyond the control of some well intended Rabbi, no matter how gifted in healing people.' Still he humors Jesus' request and heads

A month of confrontation...What's in, will out.

Moses and Aaron: Two brothers, two environments, two reactions, and two outcomes. One confronts, one conforms. One intercedes, one intermingles. One gets heaven's blueprint, one gets hell's manifestation. Interesting distinctions given that both moved in signs and wonders, saw the power of God, and were called to lead and connect the people to God. The difference was face-time: 40 days to simmer. A demonstration that we become what we behold. Both get directives for the creation of 'tangibles' that would link and trigger worship. But one comes by committee; one by revelation. The response of each springs from the heart: What's in comes out. Andrew Wommack is right: We don't have to be in '

God rearranged my brain this week...

Zebulun is God's 3rd tribe - Unique in many ways. Deep connection to the sea and commerce. Risky business. Most of us are landlubbers - the uncertainty of the sea (and commerce) makes us nervous. Not Zeb - He's wired to deal with that. God sets the first three tribes to stand and watch at His front door, to be the first to worship and the first to march out for war. He's showing us a three-fold cord of core traits and actions that are non-negotiables if we're to be a part of the grand move of His Kingdom in the earth. This week He sort of blew my mind open by showing me the tribe of Zebulun in a way that I had never understood. Scripture is clear that Judah always goes first into battle an

Will you ride or run from the Wave?

Based upon His annual calendar appointment with all of us, God now poses these questions: "My Wave is breaking - Will you run to it or from it? Will you risk the ride of reward and revolution?" From this time at Mount Sinai with Israel comes this question into our 'now' moment: "You hear My Voice directly now. Will you draw back in fear or draw near in freedom?" And then, from the 'upper room rumble' and the spill out on the city squares, is this: "As I manifest My Spirit and interrupt your independence, will you receive or resist? Judge or join?" This is His ongoing process He cycles us through each year. Complacency kills. His intent is to deepen desire. In His cycle, comes the next cros

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