SHIFT the STRATEGY in this season

Wow! The Deck was overflowing last night in every way: House, worship, and revelation released. Awesome. Author Ruthie Young took us back briefly to God's 7 types of 'wiring' imprinted upon individuals. (Per Romans 12.) She reminded us how each has strengths and dangers and all are needed for the Body to move forward. Then she demonstrated how each of these 7 types have had a major manifestation in history. Each time the church was likewise engaged, sometimes for good...sometimes not so much. The church has often struggled to find the right role in each season. Here's what is critical RIGHT NOW: We are now in the 7th season - a time linked to the Mercy Wiring. A 'Mercy Season' therefore, i

Watch for the SURGE! Chuck and Dutch released this word last night!

Many of our Flight Deck crew were among the 800+ people that gathered Thursday night in Tallahassee to worship together and hear what was released through Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets. Bringing those two together in one place for one night is like grabbing hold of two massive lightning rods - DURING a thunderstorm - and driving them in the ground next to each other. Something INTENSE will connect heaven and earth. Something did. Half an hour in, the worship and atmosphere shifted into another gear. A physical storm broke open outside and the prophetic word broke open inside and was released by Chuck: In one word? SURGE! God was orchestrating and releasing a SURGE last night. (You can see a

"I Am the Narrows and I Am the Way Through."

​Feel like you're in a narrow place? Straining to get through? Take a breath. True enough, we're in a time traditionally called 'the Dire Straits.' A 3 week window framed by biblical bookends of Israel's disastrous decisions (and their consequences.) Bookend One: Israel gets tired of waiting for Moses and reverts to an old worship pattern: The gold calf. Bookend Two: The nation bends to the ten (spies) and refuses to move forward into the Promised Land. A refusal to wait on one side and a refusal to advance on the other: Consequences follow - short term and long.​ So what? These frame this time of 'the straits' - the narrow place - and we do well to attend how that manifests in us. In a r

Are you 'anonymous' like Ananias? Good. It's your time.

Thank God for Ananias the Anonymous. We know nothing about him before or after Acts 9. One act of obedience is all we know. One act in the face of real danger. One debate with God. One submission of will. One prayer loosed. KAPOW! Saul the slaughterer becomes Paul the proponent and the world is still recovering from the shock. Last night we began to address a MASSIVE LIE operational in the Body: That there are two 'classes' of citizens in the kingdom of God. Granted, NO ONE would actually say it - but we often live like it. Our emotions and focus and self-speak reveal that the lie is living and active. And it's killing us. Gail brought some of her story to help to kill off the lie; Connectin

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