Do we reflect or block the Glory?

On the same day this past week, The 'World's Clock' (Big Ben) was silenced for 4 years. The moon blocked the sun across the nation. The new moon arose and triggered the biblical month of Elul. Coincidence? At The Deck, we looked at the moon and sun as symbols as espoused by early church fathers. The implications are, well, stunning: a huge warning or an important sign of what's coming. Listen and decide. (Details in the replay.) ​In this 6th month we turn, return and prepare. We move to end one year and begin another: Mercy and forgiveness are key. And all of it is framed by the extraordinary encounter when Moses demands God's Presence and requests His Glory. Yikes! No guts, no glory? God ag

So, you comfortable in those chains?

We are fiercely PASSIONATE about your deep and true freedom. That can only come in your walk with Jesus and a relentless commitment to hold both ends of 'The Wire' - Grace AND Truth. Last night Kim and Gail brought a word with resounding and practical clarity that is actionable and WILL bring you into greater freedom. A spirit of Denial can be exposed and removed - the chain can be broken - IF you are willing to see it and face it. Your very personal enemy is committed to keep you in a wilderness - wandering...wandering...wandering. Same mountain, same cycle, same s......stuff; never crossing into the 'more' of the Promised Land that God is longing to give you. Denial is more than a personal

'Why am I here now, God?'

I made a run to the store the other day to get coffee. Upon return I found I had "successfully" bought a number of items. ...but I forgot the coffee. I missed the core 'why' of my trip. Bigger scale, same issue: Israel forgot why God had freed them from Egypt when it was time to cross into the Promised Land. We repeat that mistake when we don't move into the full walk that God sets before us now. Israel had a survival mentality, so they chose 'safety' first and refused to cross where they would thrive and honor the God who led them. Can you hear the skuttlebut back in Egypt? "You know that 'mighty God of Israel?' Hah! Well, he broke them free but could not bring them into what he promised.

Are you willing to live on the edge of YIKES!?

Got 3 minutes? Watch this quick vid with Bob Goff - Funny, true, KEY. Saw it yesterday AM for the first time and it anchored the key point from the scripture linked to this month so I included it last night. So if you don't have time for the full replay of The Deck at least watch the 3 minute vid and let it perk in your spirit. These questions will nevertheless linger in you... What holds us back from that edge and what drives us to it? In this month when Israel made the decision NOT to enter the Promised Land, Numbers 13/14 give us details as to what derailed their decision and why they backed away from that edge. Helpful and applicable for each of us right now. But what should draw us to

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