New gates opening: Use your 'Full Access Pass'

​(Graphic by James Nesbit - click here to link to his gallery for purchase.) This IS a year of GATES into fresh starts. Tonight at sundown we enter through a foundational one called the Day of Atonement. Maybe it's not on your calendar, but it remains on God's. (Lev. 16) It stands as a transactional reminder for us about the Otherness of God and the Price of Presence. A time when we re-engage the reality of Jesus as both Sacrifice AND Scapegoat to sustain our relationship. Jesus did more than give us a 'get out of jail free card.' He gave us a 'full access pass.' The fact remains that most believers live like there's only one dimension and not the other. ​​The Day of Atonement is a graphic

How DO you fight a storm?

Violent storms, chaos and craziness... Yet and still, God is moving us into a season of new beginnings. Soon we cross into year 8 of this decade - 8 is linked to the Hebrew letter 'Chet.' Chet is formed by taking the letters Vav (linked to man) and Zayin (a 'crowned' Vav - linked to Jesus) and 'yoking' them together. In the midst of your storm - how is that yoke working for you? Old things often keep us more exposed to the storm than yoked to the Lion of Judah. (We have the whiplash to prove it.) But God has a process where the old 'cling-ons' are exposed and cut off so we enter the rest required by a new beginning. (Details in the replay.) ​In John 8 Jesus faces a ferocious storm while rema

Are you ready for the storm?

Storms are raging...physical, political, social...emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual. Some are national or international. Some are just plain upclose and personal. All are manifesting a churn in the heavenlies. Many people are desperate for a new beginning. Good news. We're in a transition right now - turning into a season of new beginnings. But.... ...there's a bridge to cross - a process that God set to prepare us to move into the new. If you want that new beginning you'll need to get aligned in that process. There's a Presence and Rest factor that we enter: A requirement to move into the new. A renewing of the deep heart-to-heart connection that must be reestablished or we w

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