Upgrade into God's New Release of 'Windows'

​This Tuesday marks 500 years since the igniting of a small but powerful fuse that became a great fire. That fire is still burning, despite opposition....even from the early caretakers of the flame. The Re-formation helped get the followers of Jesus realigned with His Word and reestablished direct access to Him by every believer. It also restored the early church understanding of the 'visible v. invisible (or hidden) church.' But like many corrections, it wasn't enough and aspects were soon perverted by power, politics and issues of control. Basically, hell's push back, hijack and attack. But God's strategy would involve yet another 'R' - Restoration. He's been actively restoring all that i

Synchronize your 'watches' - see your Manasseh moment

The concept is simple: God sets time stamps in His word so that we know what to watch in each new biblical month. We attend to those markers in scripture and then let Him connect the dots to what we see, hear, and experience. We align in His time. This 8th biblical month is linked to Joseph's first born son, Manasseh, (the 8th tribe.) ​ Manasseh means, 'causing to forget.' It was the cry of Joseph's heart and his 'Manasseh moment' when suddenly he broke free from the years of anguish and betrayal. (Gen 41) Connect those dots to your life right now: Watch for your Manasseh moment - a sign of His covenant and when you can hear Him say, 'It's time to forget what stood against you and remember w

Where's the Life?

Last night at The Deck, we looked at the LIFE that flows through the Word of God to lead us to God Himself. Why? Yesterday was a day recognized in Israel and around the world as 'Rejoice in the Torah.' (Torah simply means 'teaching/instruction.') It's festive - it's energizing and it's not remotely what you would consider 'religious.' It also infectious...the kind of party you would want to join. It brings up this question... What in the world happened to the passion of God's revelation gift to us? ​ What happened to the kind of gatherings we have? Where's the LIFE? We must face the fact that there is often more perceived life and actual worship found in a football game than when and where w

Time critical: Celebrate the Temporary

It seems a bit odd that God would have the 7th of His 7 feasts so focused upon the temporary...on the journey. Biblically, 7's are always a big deal to God. Like a flag waving, 'Hey! Look here!' So why is THE culmination of God's 7 annual feasts (Tabernacles) a massive party in tents? A time to remember when things were so transitional and temporary? What's with that? It takes us back to when our parents in the faith KNEW that they were only 'camping out' in any place and at any time UNTIL His Presence moved: When He moved - they moved. His Presence was the center point and anchored all life, direction, decision, change and community. There was no delusion that they could get by alone by si

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