Don't cross before you look...

​Let's cut to a core issue last night at the Deck, particularly for those of you moving far too fast to do anything but scan... As we cross into a new Gregorian calendar year, keep in mind that 2017 and 2018 connect during God's 10th biblical month. ​The tenth month is linked to all sorts of "tens" in scripture (10 commands, 10 spies, 10 virgins, 10 lepers, etc.) Bottom line is this: Ten is the number when there is an assessment by God and a judgment is made. Obviously, that can be good news...or not. ​Pulling out reference points from the various biblical connects to 'ten' you can use this, in part, to go before the Lord and see how your aligning - Trust in Him v. fear of what's before you

Too rushed to read this? Are you being ripped off?

There is a culture-war being waged both in and outside of church. An organized and orchestrated attempt to distort, contort and deprive you of the fullness of your inheritance granted through the conception and incarnation of Jesus, the Messiah. ​​There are riches that most followers of Jesus miss: Old treasures which are part of your legitimate lineage. And then there are distractions and distortions to gut the core impact of this season and to minimize your attention to Him in time, consciousness, and energy. Our oft made depiction of Jesus' conception and birth in serene and still settings distorts the detail that this was, and is, a divine invasion - the tip of the spear. An invasion tha

Kingdom seeds and your 'pregnant pauses'

So let me try a quick capture of part of last night... THE Sower is STILL releasing Kingdom Seeds to His followers. Kingdom is more than salvation alone - it's how WE manifest the Kingdom in and through us. (Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done.) When these Seeds go out, our hearts contain all four of the soils Jesus referenced in Mt. 13. ​The Seeds He releases NOW for the new and the Word Seeds you've received before have all landed in one of those soils of your heart, AND.... Even if a specific Kingdom Seed did root in you, there will still be 'pregnant pauses' when you decide to keep going IN THAT AREA or it gets aborted. This is a timely word RIGHT NOW because...​ This is the month when th

Pressed by the time of current culture? Listen for The Voice and press back

In the crush of Christmas prep, hustle and bustle, God timestamps a passage in John 10. Why? The pressure to conform to cultural expectations is unavoidable. Our response is a decision. ​​The pressure was on Jesus in this passage. But He pushes and pivots to release some of the most encouraging words....ever. In this time, when there is so much pressure about finding and buying the right presents, Jesus declares that YOU were given to Him by the Father: YOU'RE a gift to Jesus. How cool is that? And furthermore, that NO ONE can snatch you out of His hand. And, that the QUALITY of the Life that's set in you is one that endures forever. But here's the part that God has been using to hammer me:

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