Deployed by the Stable One in an Increasingly Unstable World

Each week we deliver this small sliver of The Flight Deck so you can 'grab and go.' Meaningful and manageable....we hope. Most get this on their phone and then delete/ignore or ponder. We get that. The sheer volume of 'stuff' coming at us pounds the living daylights out of our hearts. We try not to add to that load but provide a context that will help you navigate, so here we go... One: Most believers think their strength is in God and are blessed (per Ps. 84:5.) Here's a test: 'Is your heart 'set on pilgrimage?' (...Really?) The location of your strength and a heart set on the journey are mutually codependent. Ours is an odd stability: A life that is risk-based and connected to the God

Right now...Ask God, 'What's next?'

Time is odd. We think we 'own it' but most the time it owns us, drives us, runs away, dissipates like vapor. "Where the heck did time go?!?!" ​Most cultures warp our sense of time, even church culture. Too many distractions and ruts that clutter up the truth of what counts and what doesn't. One reason we stop and honor the first of each new biblical month (First Fruits) is to regain a proper sense of time - His time. God is outside of time but He speaks to us about it so we remember that each day in each month is unique and counts as we align it with His direction forward. Yet most us simply get stuck going around the same old mountain again....and again....and again. It might even have been

Brace yourselves: Time to let Jesus BE Jesus

We don't mean to limit Him. But we do. Our personal comfort levels, experiences and expectation of HOW Jesus should be gets filtered and distilled through many years, sermons, and nicely adjusted and adapted versions of 'truth.' ​​Yet if we are to recognize and honor His movement in the earth today we have to let Him come and 'wreck' us. He must rock our limited concepts of who He IS and HOW He operates in this world. He is no less radical today than He was 2,000 years ago. He is no less a threat to man-made religious traditions than He was then. He is no less a source of offense to many. The FIRE that Jesus kindles is often uncomfortable because it is frequently not something we understand

What power are you tapping for change in 2018?

​There's a whole lot of crazy going on around the world to celebrate the new year. We looked at some of these interesting customs - including our own. What we miss, if we dismiss them too quickly, is that they point us to a great hunger in the world: The need to tap into something that is supernatural - beyond one's own strength and ability. The need to close off the past and to have a new, fresh start. There is a time to examine how I need to change and resolve to do something about it. These 'longings' can be God drawing people to Himself. For only in Him can we tap into the right kind of supernatural power for a genuine fresh start and the changes we long to see. But there's a huge challe

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