Stop the cycle: CUT THE CORD!

Most of us long to have the kind of breakthrough advance that God's word demonstrates in this month. But few us see the cord that is attached to us....we just get yanked back over and over and over again. Time to deal with it or it will continue to deal with us. Passover, the crossing into the Promised Land, and the Passion of Jesus are the 3 primary events linked to this month. All 3 demonstrate specific stages of transition: Most we get and experience when we move into a new season. And yet... ...there is one barrier that most do not address . And most are thereby vulnerable to the entanglements of the enemy. That final barrier to the clean transition is to cut off the reproach that remain

Do NOT hold it back! Do NOT abort the process.

As of sundown tonight (March 16) you've entered into the First biblical month. So what? Ah....a favorite question of mine. There are massive things of God tied to this month. But these things that are not just for your information and impression... ...but for your transformation and transition. In this month, God demonstrates 1.) The necessity to fully leave so we can advance, and, 2.) That something must die for there to be life. Our motivation to leave what was and to die to what is, must come from the deeper passion to advance and for life. What has been burning and churning in you - becoming stronger over time? Is there a sense of 'the joy set before you?' Is it but a faint light? Ask H

'Tip of the spear' or the force that propels it?

I.Y.A.O.Y.A.S is an acronym used by the red shirts on carriers. (These load munitions onto fighters before they're launched.) The acronyms means, 'If you ain't ordinance, you ain't s....' Why? Because they understand their critical place in the projection of the power of the carrier. Sure, the pilots get glory and attention for what they do. But as the red shirts say, "Without us, they're just unscheduled airline flights." The effective projection of the power of the Kingdom requires the work of those who are not physically on the mission. Esther didn't know her assignment to be the 'tip of the spear' in God's plan until confronted by Mordecai. But wisely, she did not to move on it until Go

Occupy your full freedom: Dr. Bill Sudduth at The Flight Deck

Wow! We were packed to the rafters last night here at The Flight Deck and with good reason: The Spirit is calling the followers of Jesus to occupy ALL the FREEDOM that He purchased for all His people. There was an intense (and house-shaking) time of worship which set the stage. Then we connected the dots as to why we think God arranged for Bill Sudduth to be here in this ministry and on this day. (Full replay) We didn't 'cook' or create that schedule - God did. (If you're pressed for time, skip straight to Bill's section by clicking here.) Watch and hear his clear, no-nonsense demeanor, stories and message to shift any preconceived notions you might have about deliverance. Grasp the core tr

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