Hands up! Do you know your role in the fight?

Sometimes...admit it: We're just plain stupid. We ignore God's directives in when to fight, what to fight, and how to do so. Our ignorance (or rebellion) is predictably disastrous. (See Num. 14.) But as the stakes of this time are increasingly high we best clue into what 'the Spirit is saying to the church' now. In this 2nd biblical month, in His word, God shows us the first battle of His freed people when they engage the spirit of Amalek. Nasty, persistent, and persecuting foe: Targets the weary, the straggler, and the tired. (And those parts of us in those states.) Hates God, His promise, and His people. But... vulnerable to the right strategy. God shows us that TACTICAL strategy in Ex. 17

Push, Pull, & Pivot! Do NOT resign yourself to barreness

This is a powerful month to align in the revelation and breakthrough that God has timestamped in His word. Here's the question: Have you resigned yourself to accept a loss of passion, life and fruitfulness in an area where God WANTS to break off that barrenness? In this 2nd biblical month, at the bitter waters of Marah, God revealed Himself to Israel in this: I AM God your Healer. Yet for many today, the bitterness remains. ​​Jacob's wife, Leah, had many reasons to stay bitter. As her father's pawn she was used to con seven years of labor out of Jacob. No wonder that he was distant and her sister competitive and critical. Four sons she bore for Jacob but nothing drew him to her. And now...

NOT Mission Impossible...but the fuse has been lit!

Remember the burning fuse on the Mission Impossible TV show and the shotgun of snapshots that followed? Exciting. Confusing...until it all came together at the end. The conflagration of the Crucifixion and Resurrection are the flame to ignite The Fuse. That Fuse is a burning path to God's next power shift for us. There is a process and it's like the story of two chains. He broke Pharaoh's chain so Israel would be forged to Him at Mt. Sinai by His voice released and His Word etched on stone. He broke Satan's chain so the disciples would be forged to Him at Mt. Zion by His Spirit and His Word engraved on hearts. His process was a path of 50 days to prepare each group for what was next. These

Prophesy to the South - The 10/40 Window and revival fire! Also: Impact Pakistan report

​What a delight it was today to work on the replay from the last Deck and get to see and hear what Matt released. Sorry that I wasn't able to be here in person for it. It's finally on line. I love not only what he said but how he presents it. The new wineskin that God is setting in place is just that - it's more that a what, it's a how. There were really 2 distinct but interactive parts for this teaching so I've broken it into 2 videos. In the first session, Matt will expound on revelation that God's been stirring in him since January and a directive to prophesy to the South so that revival fire breaks out. This is for all of us, as all of us have a part to play. ​In the second video Matt l

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