Will YOU be His lightning rod in this time of charged atmospheres?

Lightning is a remarkable process where power in heaven searches for a place in the earth that will meet it in the air. Intensely powerful. Persistently present. Absolutely necessary for life. A dance that is orchestrated in the atmosphere but requires a response to release its power for the benefit of earth. So it is in this 3rd biblical month. This month is anchored in time by the events of Israel at Mt. Sinai for Shavuot and by the disciples at Mt. Zion for Pentecost. In both situations, the 'charged' atmosphere of heaven presses the earth realm to draw a reaction upwards until the two connect and then POW! ...power is released. Or not. Israel would not bear to hear the Voice of God and r

Even so....I KNOW...! Dealing with the 'GAPS' that gore you

Two key takeaways from last night, "coincidentally" on the Day of Ascension. One: Most believers don't understand or walk in the FULL work of Jesus. That work includes critical pieces linked to His Ascension. When Jesus joined the ranks of the 'Airborne' He added a whole new level of necessary weaponry for your battle. ​Do you know those and is your life altered accordingly? (Not sure? First part of replay) Two: Right now we're in an interesting time that I call, The Gap. Jesus goes 'Airborne' 40 days post-Passover but the Power from on high does not fall til 50: A 10 day gap. What to do, what to do? The disciples do just fine in that gap, like waiting for the proverbial shoe to fall. S

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