Present to the Presence

In the face of increasing pressures we need The intensified Presence. You know that deep in your core - but what do you DO about it? Talking about The Presence is tantamount to taking a teacup to the ocean: The scale is scandalous, but the taste is true. Last night at The Deck, we walked through scriptures on four levels of the manifest Presence. Some leave you undone, some leave you perplexed, but all leave a mark and make this demand: We can no longer live as we had. It is, of course, Jehovah Sneaky that presents the What and How but this question remains ours alone: Will we be present to The Presence at that time? Put your hand on your heart right now: Is there a hunger for more? What do

Presence or pressure: Set apart or blown apart. A month of key decisions

Soak in the Presence or submit to the pressure. Be further set apart or see things blow apart. Choices. It is in this month, confronting Aaron's calamitous calf, that Moses cries out to his naked and nascent nation, 'Who is on the Lord side?!?!' Those who respond see their lives and legacy changed forever and a tribe finds its footing and identity. The call rings out again and the opportunity remains for those with ears to hear. God processed BOTH Israel in Exodus and the church in Acts through the same steps over the first 4 months. It is in this month that both covenant communities were at risk and God's fierce response is stunning. This is intense 'house cleaning' to protect and instruct

Want to advance? Attend these 8 threads in 3 cords

There is a tapestry, a kind of matrix, that God re-weaves and re-presents to us each year. A three-fold cord that demonstrates how God's people did and will continue to advance as individuals and groups. Too often we're stuck in patterns and habits that engage only one cord, maybe two. By God's design, it is the third that completes the package and thereby triggers the traction and our full engagement with and in the world. It is a huge challenge for most to understand how this third cord works: Typically, we think in modes too religious and restricted. The third cord brings a focus on securing a permanent Presence in the marketplace in order to summon the nations to Him. God's pattern is to

The Resonance of The Authentic Voice

There is a deep longing for The Authentic Voice of God. It is experienced not only by the passionate followers of Jesus, but by the world. A hunger that borders on insanity - drives men mad - a desperation of water for our souls. Do you feel it? Yet there's this very real rub: Too many words - Too many distractions - Too much 'white noise.' Take 60 seconds right now. Click on this one minute vid and, without distraction, let the sound resonate and the words penetrate into any chaos or craziness that surrounds you now. Does the Sound connect into a place in you? Our desire is that you HEAR (Hebrew - SHEMA) The Authentic Voice of God without distraction. And do believe me, I never want my wo

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