Can one question shift you?

What if you knew beyond any reasonable doubt that in 9 days, the Final Trump would sound and Jesus would return? Would it change the next 9 days? too. We're just 9 days now until the feast of Trumpets in God's calendar. It's an annual wake up call and is linked directly to the last trumpet sound so we break off complacency and refresh the concrete hope we carry. We are those who breathe in LIFE and exhale out a clear and present expectation about the restoration of all things. The sound of the trumpet is linked to much of His movement in the earth. (Watch replay for details.) Because of that fact, this question arises: Just what is He releasing THIS YEAR? Remember that the feast o

The Bride or Bridezilla? Time to Restore the Core.

It's a constant temptation for the Bride of Christ to become obsessed with cosmetic appearances rather than core strength. But God is Restoring the Core. He wants His Bride vibrant, flexible, fearless, fun, feisty and fit to fight. Scripture does not hold back the details when the Bride behaves like bridezilla. Linked to this month is one such clear warning in Ezekiel that demonstrates both the cause and the consequences. (Chap. 8-11.) The first warning is about the worship of an 'image.' An 'image that provokes to jealousy' was set in the Temple and God's response is both right and rigorous. Since we know that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, we must first look within on this i

A month to turn and return as The King waits in your field

This is a GREAT new biblical month we're entering (sundown Saturday.) In scripture it's called the month of Elul and it marks a turn and return following some very intense months. Aren't you glad?!?! Relieved? Every year God takes us on this pathway so He can deal with the next level of 'stuff' in us AND before us. He goes deeper so He can take us higher. And each year He moves forward and invites us to align with His work. You'll want to watch the replay to get all the dots connected but for now let this wash over you: It's time for the broken and fragmented parts of you to turn towards Home, to the King. Your journey is short for He is near, very near, in this season. The scriptures that

Harness ONE Pervasive Expectation

Here's one point from The Deck last night: Our ultimate HOPE is an 'unbreakable spiritual lifeline.' (Heb. 6) That lifeline must anchor to an envisioned and articulated future with solid confidence. Confidence in that kind of lifeline will let us hang off life's cliffs without fear. But... Many lesser hopes and hopes-dashed have blended in so that the ONE hope is diluted, polluted, foggy and vague. That makes it a thin thread - not a steel cable. Ultimate Hope is focused upon the restoration of all things that Jesus promised (Mt. 19) and it makes a proper and powerful demand to be: An EXPECTATION so near that we can taste and see it. So PERVASIVE that it affects how we move, all we see and

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