A time to go deep to meet the All-Powerful King

God sets the fall feasts at the beginning of a new prophetic year and anchors them around the Day of Atonement. It's a call to leave behind any posturing and presumption and to move deeper into Him. A summons to enter into the risk zone behind the Veil and into the Holy of Holies. The scene set in Lev. 16 is a clear reminder that our God is both Intimate and Intense, Tender and Titanic. He requires the shedding of established religious personas and status to enter with a level of ruthless trust. There is a cultural gospel message that brings people to an altitude at the altar but not into the markings of the Marriage. That is never His intent. The timing of these biblical appointments renews

The Day of The Turn Around! Break the lock on the gate! You're on a mission of extraction!

Intense! Focused! The picture above captures what went down in the Spirit last night. A night of powerful and profound intercession and impact! Pulling down barriers - calling the ungettable to be gotten - the hurt to be reached - the alienated from Jesus and His Bride to be healed and restored. Yes, we recorded it: No, we cannot post it on replay. Sorry. Why not? When there is this level of candid disclosure before the Lord, the crying out of names and situations, released into the atmosphere of the Presence and recorded in heaven, well, it's simply not something that we can put out on the net. I was not able to be here last night due to mandatory meeting for continued access into the pri

We've crossed into 5779! L'Shanah Tovah! (A Good Year!)

Wow! Last night was amazing! We gathered up for a special session of The Flight Deck to cross into the new Hebraic Year and the new prophetic season. Of course, we had to meet up first to eat and connect - can't cross over on an empty stomach. Then we centered up. The Presence was so tangible as we closed out the remaining minutes in worship and praise. As sundown approached (Biblical time) we became quiet and still as the year closed - there was a peace in this transition... Then the sound of the Shofar was released into the stillness and broke open the new day, new month, new year and new season! Then we all broke open into greater praise and celebration. Sorry that we don't (yet) have

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