It's time...IF His people will pray

There's a move of God afoot... A stirring by the Spirit for reconciliation and restoration. And the state of Georgia has a pivotal roll to play for the nation. Daphne Swilling of Peregrini International joined us at The Deck last night to detail this specific part of God's current agenda. He's moving on the hearts of governmental leaders so they will address the broken covenants against the first peoples of this land. You know the biblical precedent from when David had to deal with a drought because Saul had broken covenant with the Gibeonites years before. (2 Sam 21) The principle is still at work and not to be ignored. There comes a time when those in the line of succession must address t

New beginnings in a break out year

Just came back from a special gathering of Flight Deck Discipleship at the prison. It was a PHENOMENAL time. Our entire team (13) was blown away by what they heard, saw and felt the Holy Spirit doing in these men and through these men. (More on that will have to wait - but know that your prayers hit the target.) So....Last night at the Deck - Some points to watch this month: God will shut some in to new vessels / wineskins / org structures / and companies. These have been developing over years and it's time to let Him close out old ties to set you aside and apart. But for most of us, it's different. It's a time for what's been 'perking' in us (or in those structures) to come out and walk

What are you grounding to the earth? Don't fall for the bait

Too much of significance night to cover succinctly: Some touch points so you can decide if the replay would be helpful. 1. There's a clear reason why our cultural atmosphere is rife with accusations. 2. If you understand how this is truly sourced then you can be less vulnerable to be used by it. 3. The strategy to keep this active and disperse it further is working and we, if not aware, will be used to empower it. 4. Jesus saw how this strategy was used to HUNT Him: God time-stamped specific passages so we would see His strategy to defeat it. 5. The spirit of accusation used against you (or used to get you to move against another) will involve 'live bait' or an unwitting 3rd party. 6. The p

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