Don't miss what REALLY happened this time of year

In the ongoing pressure to assimilate into the larger culture, this time of year presses hard. Lots of distraction - far less that centers. And no wonder... When over 73% of practicing atheists, agnostics, Buddhists and Hindus in the US "celebrate Christmas," it is not because we've won the battle: Something's been lost in translation. When we look at most of our own habits as the church, we seemed to have shifted more to tradition than how the Word would actually anchor us. Traditions are great - but not if they obfuscate the Word in time. Last night was, admittedly, a bit of a fire hose of revelation but it will help you to reorient. So....pop quiz: Do you know the specific words that Je

The Promise and Peril of Great Anointing

God is releasing a greater anointing for the work that is at hand and the work soon to come. Want it? Good. There is both promise and peril in the authority that follow. In the anointing of Israel's first king, Saul was given a new heart to walk it out, just like you. But the first stop on his journey brought him to the identity question wrapped into his tribal line: Self-centered bitterness or blessing of authority; Movement in the flesh or by the Spirit. He had to choose and then continue to align in one and not the other because both would pull on him. So also with us: With the greater anointing the question of identity becomes key and this will affect how we start, move, maintain, and f

Release and Rename - The New Is Birthed; The Name Changed

We've crossed into a new month on God's calendar in scripture - the 9th month linked to the tribe of Benjamin. Benjamin's legacy is a fierce set of leaders who manifest the prophetic words released by Jacob and Moses - a wolf AND a safe shelter. This year we are pressed to look at the transition time of Ben's birth: A life, a curse, a death, and a renaming so that the curse was broken and an identity restored. Rachel, his mother, was indeed ravenously beautiful, appointed by God and....well...a real piece of work, just like most of us. Dynamics in her generational line had to be broken off so that Ben's tribe could become the deliverers God had ordained. So what?!?!? Watch this month for the

Remnant: Stop complaining and start warring rightly

If you are reading this it is likely that God has set something in your heart to dig deeper, live purposely, and be in His movement forward. Furthermore, you understand that you have an important role to play in what God wants to do in the earth. That's not arrogant - it's humbling because you know how God takes the low and weak in spirit to break strongholds. With Gideon's 300, God reveals a 7-fold process for warfare. It's crazy, risky, improbable and profoundly relevant for this time. Put yourself in the place of one of those 300 set around 135,000 enemy troops in the pitch black. Look at the weapons, the order of things - see the strategy in the process. Once again, a lot of revelation i

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