Have you taken an inventory?

Companies take inventory. It's a way to benchmark what been sold and what's been bought. It's a baseline from which they can discern their current status and so plan for what is next. What about you? Have you taken an inventory from this past year? Simple. Take pen and paper or computer. What have you gained and what have you lost? Make a list. Be specific. How did God meet you in each situation? Have you discerned His Presence and Voice in each? Drill down deeper: What have you gained in your walk with Him? What have you lost? Does this give you a sense of your current status? Now take all of this and set it before the Lord. Wait. Patiently. Be still. Let Him speak. As He speaks, l

Silent night and sugarplum fairies? Nah: The Invasion and the Flame We Now Tend

So maybe you don't have visions of sugarplum fairies dancing in your head right now...? Yeah, me neither. More like the brain is on overload...'Did I remember to get that note to...' 'Oh, and maybe I need to...' 'Would Kim prefer this to....?' Silent night and peace on earth? Not much...yet, anyway. Yikes! Tis the season...not to be jolly but to be overwhelmed. Yet we, as believers, SHOULD be overwhelmed more than any others; But in awe and wonder. For when we mark His birth we understand that it was far more than a quiet manger scene: It was a covert invasion behind enemy lines. The military calls that a HALO drop: High Altitude, Low Opening. Jesus came from the highest heights and boy,

This bridge ain't just for crossing

We're on a bridge of time that transitions us into 2019. This bridge has a name and a purpose because it's not just a means to get us from here to there. It facilitates God's agenda in this, His 10th biblical month, and is packed with process, checkpoints, and prep for what's ahead. Ten in scripture is one of those good news/bad news numbers: Typically employed when God makes an assessment (judges) and reward or recompense follows. Here are some checkpoints connected in scripture with 10: Your 'gut-gratitude' level (10 lepers.) Your 'oil' level and prep (10 bridesmaids.) Your stewardship and return on His investment (10 servants.) Here's another checkpoint: It was in the 10th month when Esth

Light it up and pass the fire!

Wonderful night: A feast of food, laughs that lingered, friendships fostered and worship that brought The Wonder - off the chain! In this body, we celebrate of the Feast of Dedication (or Hanukkah) because God sets it as the backdrop of John 10 (V. 22+) and we believe that He's speaking through it now. We taught about and kindled the traditional 9-candle menorah in progressive steps, watching as light becomes increasingly brilliant in the darkness. One candle stands unique in focus and function: The 'shamash' or servant candle is the only one used to light the other eight. And there HE IS: The Light that humbled Himself and became as The Servant of all. But do we comprehend the level of th

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