Your Fight on Two Fronts

"The war is fought on many fronts, all at the same time. You cannot face the war-without without understanding the war-within. You cannot face the war-within without attending to the war-without. They are connected in the advancement of My Kingdom." The war-within ravages many as it traffics messages of isolation and condemnation. The lies are legion, lethal, and spring from this source, 'Did God really say...?' The war-without works a list of lies to occupy and overwhelm - Thoughts of insignificance and anemic authority. 'This is not your fight,' is the message from the mire. With sighs of tacit resignation, swords are dropped as the battle blows by. "Too often My Body atte

Are perfectionism and drivenness killing you?

Funny how something we thought would serve us, ends up becoming our master. That we would make use of IT; but it made use of us and the cost...Yikes! Such is the case with 'performance spirits' and how they crush many a believer. Intellectually, we know it is all 'by grace alone.' But pragmatically, that's really just salvation, right? I mean, what about all those whom we should please? Want to please? Need to please? And, hey, I'm not really driven: I just strive to do all things in excellence. And so the lines blur, the motivations become confused and excellence is not really the goal. Perfectionism is and it arises as an insatiable idol, vicious and voracious and consum

Your deployment in God's strange strategy

We are now in a two-month season when God's strategy is to draw the enemy out and deal with him. He is moving things forward from dis-order to His order. Jehovah Sneaky often works like a Master in chess and that's where it gets challenging. To an untrained eye this kind of strategy is a bewildering flurry of moves, countermoves, feints, attacks, sacrifices and sweeps around the side that appear sudden, risky and questionable. And that's as observed from the sidelines. It's a whole other matter it's personal: When you are one of the pieces on the board. Guess what? You are. But you're not to be passive in this season for there are opposing 'decrees' that have been loose

When a watchman speaks...

While working in DC, my company obtained a prime real estate project with a stunning location that was both strategically significant and immensely desirable. Just one problem: The land was toxic from decades of industrial use. No one had deliberately set out to pollute it but the manner in which it was used brought consequences. It would remain a blight and not a blessing until the pollution was addressed. Soil mitigation and restoration is not cheap or fast. Time. Money. Focus. Persistence. And then more of the same, again and again. But when it was done....Totally worth it. In like manner, careless or deliberate acts on a given piece of land can create spiritual pollution

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