Journeys, expectations and the fuel for the fire

Yesterday morning the Lord showed me a picture. That's not uncommon for Him but this was not anything I expected. I was chewing on what happens when certain expectations, that felt like faith, get dashed and how they can eat away at our relationship with God. How Israel walked through this repeatedly (and badly) on their 40 year road trip. And how 1500 years later we find two discouraged disciples on their road trip to Emmaus struggling with the same issue. "We had hoped..." they said. Yeah...Been there, done that, said that. I was in the middle of talking with Him about some of my own disappointed-faith-expectations when the picture appeared. Located where my heart should

No Rabbit Trails: He's calling you deeper, deeper still

Interesting time of year. Much akin to the Christmas season with competing and confusing stories and symbols. White rabbits, colored eggs, bright bonnets, spring flowers, bitter betrayal, brutal beating, bloody cross and an emptied grave. Ah, sure....that all follows. But even if your focus is upon the death and resurrection of Jesus - most will still miss how God is moving us in this time. For the many will remember what Jesus accomplished. Some will go further to honor that act. Yet God calls us to go deeper and engage everything He sets before us in this time frame. For to remember is linked to the past; to honor brings it into the present; but to engage connects them b

This month - LIFE WINS!...but you choose

In this, the first biblical month, God brings a clear focus to crossover: From bondage into freedom and from wandering into destiny. But make no mistake: When life, freedom, and destiny are involved, there is always a battle. Soon all the church will celebrate that Jesus crossed over from life through death to Resurrection. But God also links two crossovers of Israel to illustrate ALL that is accomplished by Christ's work so we can align to receive those blessings. Any areas where you'd like to crossover out of some captivity into freedom? What about moving from wandering into the full promise of your destiny? All crossings have barriers and battles, much like the birthing proces

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