The Gap and the "Missing" Work of Christ

What?!?! What 'missing' work of Christ? It's not what He left undone - but it is what we miss when we fail to engage the totality of His three-fold work. Not surprising: We, the church, have a long history of not presenting the whole counsel of God. We pick and chose and often overlook the whole picture. (And we have help.) God has given us all the tools - like some amazing Swiss Army knife. Yet most believers live by just one blade - unaware of the other tools or uninformed on how to use them. Not you - right? Pop quiz: Q 1: Good Friday this year (Passover) - Were you keenly aware of it's significance? Do you carry that with you still? Q 2: Resurrection Sund

Free Fall in the Grip of Grace

Intense Presence of God last night. Makes sense. He's on the move to prepare His people for even closer encounters...of the Holy kind. We see it in the post-Resurrection / pre-Pentecost time. Likewise between the Red Sea Rout and the Mt. Sinai Singularity. God's first step to prep Israel was to transform the bitter and reveal His name as the One Who Heals. Bitter is a byproduct - often from the heart in its brokenness. But dropping into that little gem of our own mess is no picnic. Courage, transparency, and the death of denial are requisite traits for the traveler. Yet while our own brokenness may repel us - it is deeply drawing for Him. (Many verses to that affect.) And w

The anointing the world needs and YOU can bring

Boatload of buzz about AI: Artificial Intelligence. Some think it could help save it all: Some think it will destroy it. But standing in the gap for the world is not the purview of AI. But it is for IA: The Issachar Anointing. Know what that is? Maybe. Read on. One part of the Issachar anointing is to see and discern the Times and seasons and to hold that in one hand. But known also as the Torah Tribe, they hold a passionate and intimate knowledge of the Word in the other hand. The anointing brings these together to derive actionable intel that provides the Traction to move. Just as the 2nd biblical month functions as a 'hinge' month - Issachar as the 2nd tribe functions as

Deeply saturated?

If someone asked, could you give a biblical basis and outline for being 'saturated' in the Spirit. (That's the deep Greek meaning of the word 'baptism.') Could you explain 3 types or aspects of that and how each relate? Could you/would you then facilitate and help then engage the fullness of Holy Spirit? Could you do it without alienating them or sounding like you’re a flake? Sure, there are issues and this can be one 'hot topic.' But brass tacks and bottom line: The church is in a battle and we need all that God provides. Last night at The Deck, Abigail Eldridge established a framework to address many of these issues. She draws heavily from both scripture and 46 years of hard-fough

Time to pivot into your future

It is always amazing to walk in what God says in time in His word as He re-aligns our minds. This second biblical month functions as a hinge and, just like a hinge, there may be times of 'limbo' when you'll feel like you're flapping back and forth. But take heart, discern and pivot rightly and keep moving. Watch for the movement - From Freedom to fullness From Salvation to sanctification From sealed by to saturated with the Holy Spirit From what God has accomplished FOR us to what He wants to accomplish WITH us. This is a biblical pattern God brings us through each year so we re-engage a refreshed trajectory both personally and corporately. Yet any 'To - From' process always has a mes

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