Wrapped around the Power but not plugged in?

It's easy to become a bit 'seared' so that we read scriptures without allowing them full command over how we move. Easy to be wrapped around the Truth and have all the knowledge but not be plugged into the Power that is both mandatory and necessary. Abigail did a great job last night bringing us back to the biblical anchor points of just how 'unsubtle' God was about demonstrating that the Spirit had landed. That He is likewise uncompromising on the requirement that we plug into the Power He provides (and to do so on a regular basis.) So easy to get a gift, use it for a season, and then shelve it. This cannot be our pattern given the directives of scripture and the demands of the t

Are You Preparing the Way?

Most folks are simply too afraid to be out in the waves. Too powerful, too unpredictable, too overwhelming and, well, far too BIG. Yet for those with the courage and caliber, who choose to align in time to catch one....YOWZA! The breakout Wave of the Spirit will always generate that kind of bifurcated response. Pity, that. We were never intended to be a people empowered by good intentions, good theology and good goals. Those are needful but they were never to be the source of the Power of the Body of Jesus. 'The Promise of the Father' is what Jesus called it. The 120 got it. The Samaritans got it. The house of Cornelius got it. The Ephesians got it. Yet today, m

We Don't Need Life Guards for this Wave...

We need surfing coaches. Can you sense where things are going in the bigger story of the culture and in time? Can you feel that there must be a major Wave of the Spirit coming? Are you ready? Not simply ready to move in and with the Spirit yourself: Are you ready to help others to grasp what is going on? Are you equipped to guide them rightly past their biblical, theological, and emotional barriers and fears? Can you do this with a clear handle on both Grace AND Truth? This is not a matter of proof-texting: It's walking someone through the multitude of witnesses within the Word so that the Spirit Himself opens their eyes, mind and heart. Abigail (Gail) has learned many a p

Stand off or draw near

Stand off or draw near: That's a pretty good synopsis of what is before you now. God time stamps 3 big events for this month: The encounter and covenant at Mt. Sinai. The celebration of Shavuot (known as Pentecost) The encounter, filling, and empowering by the Spirit in Jerusalem. Big picture: This is the month to move from 'leaving' to 'cleaving.' Israel was sprung from Egypt, but they had not moved into the deeper waters with God. He moved them from released to gathered; from freed to focused; from leaving to cleaving. And, oh by the way...That pretty much scared the living snot out of them. The intimacy and connection can evoke that reaction. Most are grateful to be free

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