In a Narrow Place? Get the Traveler's Guide

The process forward for both our Savior and our salvation involved intense narrows. Our sanctification does as well. Narrows are key to transform us from glory-to-glory. Why, then, are they such a challenge to move through and to navigate well? In the biblical calendar we're in the narrow place that hangs between two of the greatest temptations all believers face. Many scriptures speak into the critical place of narrows: the eye of the needle; the narrow way; pressed but not crushed - to name but a few. The narrows are used by God to bring these powerful realities to pass: Birth Weight Loss New Wine Transition Acceleration A view of the destination ahead There are realities about

A Clear and Present Danger

There is a danger in this time and generation that is greater than you would think. The strategy is more subtle and insidious than you might guess. Deeply programmed into the culture, it has found its way into the church and often rules as a guiding principle, unspoken but powerful. In the face of the stillness and the absence of leadership, in the fear of what was or wasn't, Israel demanded that something powerful be formed that would lead them. That dynamic happens with us - now. Granted, we're all far too spiritual to be duped by some obvious form of an idol: no golden calf, money, fame, etc. Nah. Those usual suspects are easy to discern and manage. But there is something else that arise

Head's Up this month: 'Safe' Seduction and the Forming of an Idol

Critical month. We're moving in the momentum from God's direction these past 3 months but then we get here... So easy to critique and dismiss the 'stupidity' of Israel making a golden calf. What could they have been thinking?!?! But unless we understand all the dynamics and what really happened, we're vulnerable to the same mistake. Last night was another 'sip from the fire hose' so just some of the touch points. In this month, be increasingly aware of how you are making yourself PRESENT and to what. Presence will determine the kind of pressure and the pressure will determine how you are formed or what you form in response. God 'delayed' is perception driven and must be checked/

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