Time to Prepare for the Big Turn

Every month in our modern calendar has a 'flavor' - think April v August; June v. July. This biblical month we are entering has a flavor also: Think of the end of a year. It's a time to reflect back and address what changes are needed. Accounts are balanced. Lessons are learned. We prepare to enter into the new. But this month, we close out not only a year but a decade. And with that, we move into a new prophetic era. The month (called Elul in scripture) is a time of Teshuva - of turning and returning. A time when the shofar is blown each day as a wake up call to pull us out of any spiritual slumber so we do not remain in the same old pattern, the same old way. (Of course

Close Doors. Open Freedom. Change Your 'DNA'

Wow! Amazing night at the Deck. Powerful worship. Packed Word. God keeps upping the game on us. Kim brought the word and you know what that means: Specific, engaging, humorous, scripturally-anchored and story-illustrated: Practical examples and applications aplenty. Most of us have little to no clue as to the open doors that are operational within us. Why so? Eph. 4: 26-27 makes it clear that we can grant access to the enemy - and so often we don't even know that it is there. Doors can be opened by many means: Unforgiveness, 'harmless' addiction, generational iniquity, Freemasonry Oaths, etc., etc., etc. The diversity of access points looks like a scene from Monsters, I

The Deep Rest Requires a Deep Well

Have you entered so fully into The Rest that people can see it, feel it, and all but 'smell' it on you? The writer of Hebrews pulls no punches and ties the decision before God's people NOW with the decision of Israel at the border of the promise. They pushed back from the table and missed the fullness. God didn't leave them, but they never entered into the depths of The Rest. So easy to presume we're 21st century, well-formed and informed believers - so all is good. The Word bounces off the surface rather than dropping into the depths. Dangerous tendency, that. For many, it safer on the surface with God. Yet it is into the depths that He calls us. And it is only there

The 3-Tier Attack to Trap You in Wilderness

Do you think that the current day institutional church is moving in all that God has intended for her? Yeah....me either. What about you and me? Are we moving in all that God intends for us? Israel's failure to get out of the wilderness and enter into the full Promise is no different than how we fail so to do. Last night we covered a number of the key factors that play out in this. Here's just one. There is a three-tier attack shown in Numbers 13 and 14. These attacks build upon each other to sabotage the crossing. An attack against the Promise of God. ("It's not as good as you thought.") An attack on the Ability of God. ("He's not going to make it happen.") An attack on the

Facts & Friction, Fiction & Face-offs: A Month to Content for Your Promise

This is the biblical month when Israel was supposed to enter the long awaited Promised Land... Oops. What about you? What promise is before you now that God wants you to enter and occupy? What are the giants and intimidations that confront you? We struggle with the same dynamics that they did - Facts go through friction and become fiction. Face-offs and fear result: Refusal and rebellion follow. So easy to forget all that God has done on our behalf. So easy to start to diminish the glory of the Promise or to question if it really is ours to take. In this month, we need to call upon that 'different spirit' that God saw in Caleb. There is fierceness in you by the Spirit:

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