Don't Be Hobbled by Wounds and Lies

You have a hunger to be deeply connected to God. To be fully deployed in the work of Kingdom. To reflect His glory in all that you are and do. And yet, all too often we are remarkably dysfunctional warriors - hobbled by the lies and wounds of the enemy. Rather than allow the Lord to identify and attend to those, we push ahead thinking it won't change. We place armor over gaping wounds so that much of the blood on the battlefield is unnecessary - sourced not from the fight but from the flight from His process for wholeness. Last night at The Deck, Debbie Vizcarrondo of Restoration and Freedom Ministries shared her story and the process of restoration. Her physical ailments peele

God Has to Break the Box

God has to work hard to get His own kids to think outside the box. Once-upon-a-time fresh patterns can solidify and become religious and oh, so very quickly. Worship is one of those boxes. In this, His 7th appointed time, He's set a party - an actual party - as the means of worship. And He's so serious about it that He even foots the bill. His command in all of this is to rejoice. But that isn't a forced emotional state. It's a verb: A set of actions that will trigger the emotion...eventually. For to rejoice is not 'just try and be happy.' It's a demand on the depths and not the shallows. How's the deep state of joy in you? Is it vibrant and full or are there dry p

The Veil You Face and the Power of the Blood

Our culture (in and out of the church) likes to mix things together or reduce them to the simplest form so it's easier to grasp. Think of sound bites and the Dummies Guide to....whatever. Sometimes that helps. Yet all too often it can and does distort the truth and dilute the power. We speak of the Blood as if it is something we all just 'get.' No need to really elaborate, right? It's all part of the package. Yet there is a clear reason why God highlights the Blood not only on His first appointed time (Passover) but also on His sixth (Atonement) and why He separates those by six months. And there is a reason He's bringing in front and center NOW. The Blood is the Life. The B

Time to Get Your Awe Restored

So easy to lose our sense of awe. So necessary to get it back. Not just a sense of awe in general, but our sense of AWE for Him as He calls us, yet again, to come behind the Veil. It's fascinating to see how God has time stamped so many things in scripture to this, the seventh biblical month. If we look closely at those things, an intent becomes clear: The restoration of Awe. You don't just wake up one day and your sense of Awe is gone. It's an erosion process - slow, steady, silent sludge. It's relentless. So this month God sets points of encounter. You choose to engage, or not. And He will nuance it for you. This morning I was sharing my desire to study more about Awe.

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