The Gentleness of Authentic Authority - Doris Wagner on Deliverance

Some people dazzle you with style and flair. Some with a clever turn of phrase, impassioned presentation or nuanced vocabulary. As for me, I usually have to work hard to get passed that distraction to hear what the Lord is saying. No challenge of that with Doris.... THANK GOD! There is a kind of gentleness in the authentic authority of one who knows who they are because they really, really, really know Who God Is. It is a kind of understated confidence that eliminates any need or desire or attempt on their part to impress others. And that leaves an impression. You know 'in your knower' that God's wisdom and authority are at work in and through them and it leaves a lasting ma

Unmasking Jezebel: The Real Threat and Your Authority

Most of us have no real clue as to how pervasive, powerful and dangerous Jezebel is. I will not cover it here but the slides will highlight why YOU need to watch the replay. People, families, churches and even nations have been taken out by this. Many were 'christian.' So Kim has laid out a clear and comprehensible description of how and why Jezebel works and why it really matters to you. Because it is a witchcraft spirit, manipulation and control are involved. But be clear about its final objective and trained to recognize the tactics used to pull us in and under. There is no need to be afraid but no excuse to be a fool. We must recognize the signs so we can deal with it, or

This Month: Position Yourself for a New Beginning

We serve The God of New Beginnings. We love and want those, but... His process can be our biggest challenge and conundrum. This 8th biblical month is linked to the Flood narrative - a new beginning on a massive scale. Boatload of applications on the replay. Handful here: 'Deep waters' deal with deep issues - personal, corporate, national, global. Don't assume it's an attack. Deliverance into a new beginning is a process of time and separation: A necessity to cut off the old. A new model/wine skin may take decades to build but be only functional for a short time. Don't battle God on this. It's dangerous to stay in the safety of an old wine skin once God says it's time to move out. G

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