No Man's Land? The crucible and kindness of chaos

At the beginning of each new biblical month, we turn to anchor points in the Word and see what the Spirit is saying to the This month we're alerted about chaos. Chaos is virtually always seen as something to be resisted, averted or controlled. But biblically, there are two qualities of chaos whenever God is in the process: As crucible and kindness. 11 in scripture (we're in the 11th biblical month,) is linked to disruptive transitions that come suddenly and even violently. Certainly they are not easy to deal with but they should not be missed or dismissed for there is favor in that forge and God has His purpose in it. What favor? God links the intense blessings of A

Your thirst & your drinking problem

To be fully alive is to thirst...deeply. Thirsts come in many sizes, shapes and intensities. Deep thirsts require deep drinks. That's not the issue. Our drinking problem manifests in how we try to slake them. Like the woman at the well, we take most of our thirsts to a 'Jacob's well.' A place where we've traditionally and habitually gone to fill them. And like her, we keep coming back thirsty: Something's broken and we're worn out in the process. God fingered it this way in Jeremiah: We make our own cisterns and forsake the Living Water. Me? I don't forsake Him! What drinking problem? Last night at The Deck, we took a deep dive into the encounter between Jesus and the wo

The Mountain Now In Our Backyard

Most of you are conversant with the 7 Mountains of Culture: The 7 primary 'molders' of society in a nation. Years ago that revelation / word / assignment was given by God to key Christian leaders with this charge: Mobilize the Body to help lead each mountain and thereby 'make disciples of all nations.' Yet we've not done so well - particularly with one key mountain. To the contrary, the Arts and Entertainment mountain drops a daily deluge of stories, sounds and images that season the atmosphere and form a culture often devoid of authentic life and hope. It's persistent and pervasive - discipleship disguised. Scary? Frustrating? Overwhelming? There is hope... and now it has a lo

Enter the New Decade Through the Power of Ten

Overlay our cultural calendar with God's and we enter this new decade through the door frame of His 10th month. So what? Well, maybe, just maybe - God would have us attend to the power of 10 in scripture so that we align in time with Him. For the risk and reward of the purpose of 10 is it's power to propel you to promotion or penalty. Does that have your attention now? You see, Esther and Daniel, servants and spies, lepers and lasses - all experienced the sifting and sorting and the fruit that followed. The lesson learned from every encounter is unique but each will apply to our lives, sooner or later. The commonality? People and things are assessed - tested - outcomes measured and

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