Fake News & The Virus of Fear

Fake news and the wild spread of a virus? That sums up the rebellion at Kadesh Barnea in Numbers 13/14 and it aligns with this very month. The fake news of the 'majority report' (10 spies) swept over Israel in just one night and fear spread like a wildfire virus. The majority became the mob and it overwhelmed their short term memory of God's power and erased any recollection of His long standing promise. They turned away from the inheritance that was right in front of them. Fortunately, WE are nothing like them...ahem. Like them, how we PERCEIVE determines how we PROCEED. Example: Zoom in and look closely at the slide below* - What do you perceive? See the people? The animals?

No Counterfeits: Be and Bring The Real

What's your risk threshold? Really? Are you willing to show up and be transparent to your core? Willing to allow Him to show up or you fall flat? Willing to release the fly bar of a trapeze, dangle in mid air...without a safety net? This is part and parcel of the new leadership that God is raising to advance His kingdom NOW. The posing and posturing of some to 'flirt with His Bride' is no longer acceptable. Last night Amanda Shelton, in obedience to the Lord, walked that out. She spoke softly, waited on Him, and allowed herself to be fully present to Him and also to us. Amanda brought a warning of 'counterfeit revival,' the danger when we miss the Healer, and a hear

American Idols?

It's an odd thing. Never would I have linked together the date our nation was formed with the date when God confronted Israel with her idolatry. (Gold calf) But there it is - and it's a bit haunting. I'm still taking this to Him - What does it all mean? As I dug more into the issue of idols, He stunned me with this: Idolatry is at the root of every sin. "The Bible does not consider idolatry to be a sin among many. Rather, the only alternative to true, full faith in the living God is idolatry. All our failures to trust God wholly or to live rightly are due at root to idolatry— something we make more important than God." (Tim Keller) Yikes! Seems I have some work to do. Time

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