Take Your Assigned Position - War from Victory

There is a kind of 'flood' coming that aligns with the biblical calendar and it will break open the evening of Nov. 3rd. YOU have a both an important role and a key responsibility leading up and going through that time. God has outlined a specific and relevant strategy for the current battle. The 300 in Judges 7 forms the template. 1. Take your position in the Lord. In the natural, this can be in your prayer closet, car, wherever. In the Spirit, your position is in Him and in the heavenlies. (Eph. 2) (He may also show you a place, in the Spirit and/or natural, where you take a position around the camp of the enemy.) 2. Break the jar, release the Light. By the Spirit, see the Fire of God,

Your New Beginning Requires an Old Ending

Everyone wants a 'fresh start.' A clean, fresh beginning so to move forward unimpaired. Great news: This 8th biblical month we enter (Sunday sundown) is all about new beginnings. Key figures and narratives linked to this month are Noah and the Flood and Gideon and the fighting remnant. Yet here's the rub: If you want a new beginning you have to have an 'old' ending. That simply means that the 'old' has to be cut off because it will stop you dead in your tracks. In Noah's case, it was an entire population. In Gideon's, it was his father's idol altar at the center of life in the community. Some new beginnings require radical, even violent breaks; some are more quiet and covert. The flood tr

God's Command to Party: Will You Obey?

Some of God's commands are instinctive to follow. Some are challenging. Some are painful. And some are, well, unexpected or just plain strange. The Feast of Tabernacles begins at sundown tonight: His directive is that you party. What? Yup - celebrate like it's a grand wedding feast. Great food, fun, friends, dancing - and hearty laughs. And do so for seven days. Really? Yes. Don't get wrapped around the axles on this by being legalistic. We're not under the law. But do not just blow this off as something no longer relevant or for this time. Pay attention so you receive ALL He's trying to give you. Here are four parts/steps to help you enter into the joy He has set before you. First, l

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