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The tsunami wave and the rising of David-hearts

Wow....too much released last night to get it down to a short email but this new 3 min vid will get you started.

Cutting to the chase from The Deck:

The massive changes we're seeing are like a tsunami hitting. A lot has happened but there is much more to come...and soon.

As this is hitting - much is exposed; hearts most of all.

King Saul and David stand as two types that will be revealed: Which are you?

Do you know for sure or are you simply hopeful or fearful?

When the 'tsunami' hit Saul, it exposed the lack of real relationship to God and he tried to 'leverage' Him in a religious act. (1 Sam. 13.)

(Note: We'll see more of that kind of overt demonstration absent the deep connection as more change hits.)

But go back and read all about Saul before this event: He had started brilliantly.

Just what HAPPENED to him?

His story is a wakeup call to see what shifted. Ask 'why?' and be advised of the danger.

He shifts so God shifts and seeks out another heart aligned with His, who will do all as He directs...

Even when (not if,) it hits the fan.

So the good news is this: This tsunami will expose the David-hearts all around us. ​

These hearts will be encouraged and elevated by the very rising water that washes old things away. Yowza!

These will arise while Saul-hearts are set to one side. God's on the move and the time for half-heartedness is over.

There are a number of keys traits in David we would do well to follow.

A specific key that ties into this new season is a restored and passionate commitment to let the Word be in you and wash over you.

Do yourself a favor and camp out in Psalm 27. Just a little maybe, oh...12 months?

You'll see a heart that is IN the tsunami AND flat out after God's.

Pray it.

Speak it.

Breathe it.

Be it.

See more on the full teaching here or at least hit this the 3 minute Truth-Shot and let it perk.

Surfs up!


3 minute vid - here.

Full teaching - here.

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