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Clueless? First thing - WAKE UP!!! The alarm is blowing. Get ready to DRIVE!

Feeling a bit clueless?

Here's a quick 3 minute video that might help.

We move in an Issachar anointing: Discerning the times and seasons and knowing what to do.

Are you aware of the time and the shift?

You're in a critical time now - that all gets triggered sundown Sunday: The biblical appointed time to hear the sound of the shofar.

It's time to come out of the rhythm of the world system and re-engage with the sound of the heart beat of the One who made you.

This is the first of 4 pivot events this month and all of this sets the stage for the year we walk into.

Get ready for

  • Days of Awe

  • The feast of At-one-ment (Atonement)

  • The party time of Tabernacles.

The New Year breaking open in the Hebraic calendar is 5776.

I believe that God is directing us into specific strategies to deal with areas where we've come out of alignment.

Oddly enough - one will involve knowing how to use scriptural 'tent pegs.'


I'm guessing that might be quite confusing but dip into the full teaching and you'll get it. (Click here if you just want to watch that section.)

Tent pegging will also be critical this year in expanding the territory where you are to engage for the Kingdom.

Please watch the teaching and do the work that ONLY YOU can do to advance your assigned area for Kingdom.

Wake Up and start DRIVING!

Reminder: NO Deck this week. Next Deck on 9/24.


3 minute vid here. (This is not an excerpt from the Deck but a stand alone video so you can forward the link to others and spread the word.)

For the full teaching, click here.

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