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"Prayer is power. It conquers God...

​​(Here's a 98 second video to give you a chuckle and shift your thinking.)

Let me give you the rest of the quote (from the subject line) so you don't think I've gone...well, stupid.

Prayer is power. It conquers God.

We overcome Him when we yield.

When we are vanquished,

we are victors.

When the life of nature is broken within us,

then from conscious weakness springs the longing

which God cannot but satisfy.

Alexander Maclaren

I believe that we are being called into a whole new level of candor and engagement with God: A new kind of closeness; intimacy, if you will.

Where all of our 'presenting' and 'posing' and 'preparation' in order to have our 'act together' must be set aside.

Wrestling is up close and personal in a whole new way.

Go to Genesis 32 and read about Jacob. Con-man; father of the faith. And a man so tenacious to be blessed that he just...won't....let....go.

'What's your name, boy?'

'Deceiver' (the meaning of Jacob)

His source of self -sufficient strength is crippled.

His name is changed to reflect the purpose of heart: Israel. One who contends with God and man and prevails.

Jesus wrestles at The Garden. 3 rounds. Blood, sweat, and tears. All of Him and all the Father meet.

Close. Intimate. Challenging. Real.

And necessary to face what was coming.

Jesus wrestling with the Father?

Most us wrestle with issues within ourselves and then go to God. God's calling us out now as we are, where we are, what we're about.

He wants to wrestle.


With us as we are now. Don't get your stuff together first. Engage Him.

Don't be surprised at the new levels God takes you into.

Don't be surprised when He wounds you at your place of so-called strength.

Prayer is power. It conquers God. We overcome Him when we yield.


98 second vid: Take God to the Mat, here.

Full Replay from The Deck, here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays

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