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Time to FLIP him off!

I can't believe that some of you actually thought this was some angry tirade against a current or a potentially future elected official.

As for me, I don't war against flesh and blood....but I do war.

So, what on earth do I mean?

F - Faith

L - Leveraging

I - Increased

P - Pressure

You know this pattern in scripture: The pressure becomes more and more and more intense (usually by the hand of the enemy) - to the absolute breaking point.


God allows the full army of Pharaoh to pin the Israelites against the sea;

He allows Haman's plot to build gallows and set a death sentence date for the people of God.

He allows His own Son Jesus to be tortured and hung on a cross.


(Why ARE we surprised, confused, clueless when this happens to us?)

But God....

Faith LEVERAGES this Increased Pressure and the trigger is tripped.

  • Pharaoh's army is drowned by the same sea that barred Israel's escape.

  • Haman is hung on his own gallows.

  • Jesus makes a public spectacle of the enemy by the very cross used to kill him.

As the pressure against you increases ask God to show you how to leverage that by faith so he can FLIP the enemy strategy against the enemy himself.

How? Be aware of the pressure and bring it to God with expectation for the Flip.

The pressure can actually bring us INTO the Presence. Allow it to trigger a judo-FLIP.

So stop messing around:

FLIP him off!!!


There is SO MUCH MORE in the full teaching, click here:


  • Why this topic links into this specific month: pay attention.

  • How these dots connect with Passover, Purim, and the Passion

  • God's word on The leverage He has given to you to use, if you choose.

  • The contingency question about God's will in your life

  • Why we have to stop asking God 'why?' and ask a different question.

  • How Jesus drives a poor father almost mad to demonstrate how this works.

Audio only at DropBox, here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays

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