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Flameout - the risk in the mix of a heart on fire

​​Short, simple and to the point...?

Not my pattern, but I'll try....

Your heart is like a combustion chamber - meant to burn so you move forward by that released energy.

Some do this and move with passion. Some gave up on it long ago: thought it was too dangerous or extreme. Or God just made them 'otherwise.'


The heart was made to burn grace - it is like a jet engine and requires life and truth to release the power of that grace.

That corresponds to the mix of air, fuel, and fire in the combustion chamber.

Likewise there is always the inherent risk of 'flame out' - when it stalls because one part of the mix has gone sideways.

'Crash and burn' typically follows....and perhaps a vow to not do that again.

​There is a required element that only we can bring to let God mix with His grace: The 'pressurized' air that resides in deep and often hidden areas of our heart.

We reveal and release those 'compressed life' pockets to mix with the grace God injects: Like air and fuel - it's a combo both powerful and flammable.

By truth it explodes and as that power is directed, we're launched forward and fly.

But only if we are willing to burn grace in this way: Only if we allow the mix and keep the throttle engaged.

Trust is a decision to do this - to increase the mix, inject more grace and expose those pressurized pockets.​

We do this when we recognize and own the wounded areas of our life to release them into the 'combustion chamber.'

Not so they are eliminated but so that the power mix with grace occurs to move us forward. What held us back can hurl us forward.

Paul grasped this when he brought his 'thorn in the flesh' issue to God. This 'wounding' became an ongoing ignition nexus for Paul.

Jesus still has the marks of the wounds He took.

They are not a source of shame - they're points of power.

Burn grace today. Burn it ravenously....burn it abundantly....swim in it.

Risk the mix of all your 'stuff' with grace - HE'll light it up - light you up.

The potential present in our brokenness is beyond our comprehension.

Say, 'I'm burning grace.' Now pause.

Feel that? It's working.


Full replay of The Deck, click here.

Click here to go our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of Deck replays.

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