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Snap out of it! Recalibrate the eyes of your heart and discern what God is saying to do

​We are commanded not to see things from a worldly point of view.

(How's that going for you in the past few days?)

In John 15, Jesus tells us why, 'You are not of the world.'

What's rumbling in you? Elation? Fear? Some mix or confusion?

The words of Jesus make us stop and effect HOW we see what is happening so it will shift what we say and how we pray and engage all those around us.

​Much of this is a heart-set issue.

At The Deck last night, I released what God's been developing/revealing about my own heart and the graphic above illustrates it.

He's developed the Warrior Heart AND the Father's Heart.

But that isn't really about me - it's A reflection of His heart for this time: Deployed for battle with the heart to heal.

I think He's calling for this heartset today from HIs people.

A heartset where as we war for what HE is doing, we always remained anchored in the deep, deep heart of the Father for the healing of ALL in this nation.

In this year of the ruling sword, a Sword of the Lord hit the land - and the cut was like open heart surgery.


The TRUE church did arise to cry out for mercy for this nation with greater humility than anger or fear.



Please, please, please. For your own sake as for all.

​God does not change: He continues to give the alert through His prophets today, imperfect and broken vessels that they are.

Now the summons is to continue to pray so that the Grace and Truth of the Kingdom of God is established with greater clarity and deeper compassion than we have ever experienced.

Do not assume that you know how this will look or how it will go.

Sorry to tell you but God's primary objective has never been to make America great: It is to see His Kingdom manifest throughout the world.

At The Deck, I was in new territory for me in even greater candor; taking a risk in calling out and to account our corporate response so that we reflect God's true heart and not some new manifestation of the Pharisees or the Herodians.

The earthquake that was loosed this week did not simply shake the nation and the media: It also stands as a test of OUR HEARTS, OUR PRAYERS, and OUR ARTICULATION of Jesus now.

I encourage you to watch the replay; Recalibrate.

See if He will shift things in your heart and perspective to see with the eyes of the Kingdom.

If it's helpful, forward it to someone you know that could use a 'reset.'

This nation needs deep healing but first comes the cut and the pain.

The first cut is the deepest. But it ain't done yet.


See the full replay, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost has all the Deck replays.

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