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Bring the Sword: Your Fresh Start requires a Clean End

​​EVERYONE wants a Fresh Start, but...

MOST are unwilling to submit to the Sword to bring a Clean End so they can get it.


We actually like holding on to old resentments and debts: Makes us feel like we have power and 'the high moral ground.

​Oops...Not the case.

We give the enemy a key to access us - We lose real power rather than gain it.

We can't move freely with this baggage. Can't gain a fresh start to a new destination.

That old stuff we hold works like the center rail on a cable car.

​ are moving....sort of.

But always, always, always in the same pattern: Around and around and around again.

Do you really want to go around that mountain one...more...time? Aren't you worn out?

Joseph had great reasons to hold to resentment and bitterness from the past season: beaten, betrayed, sold, accused, imprisoned and abandoned. Sheesh.

Yet he breaks a long family curse and names his first born son, 'causes to forget.' Manasseh.

(The family pattern would have come up with something catchy like, 'Now I'll get revenge.')

On The Deck replay we see the 'flaming sword' (via a blow torch) that comes down to divide out the soul's wounds from the spirit. We exposed the danger of coming under a curse by giving the enemy access.

Past and present stories from my own journey demonstrate how wounds repeat around the same areas. We have to deal so we can heal.

Intriguing that these repeated wounds will often point to the very area of your call and assignment.

​At the end, we've also included a powerful tool for freedom: A prayer that Kim wrote to help you break free. (Let us know if you'd like a copy and we'll get it to you.)

What we released is candid, direct, biblical, funny and, likely, impactful. Clearly not because I'm eloquent but only because He is faithful and I am broken.

One word of WARNING:

If you think this doesn't apply to you about Fresh Starts and Clean Ends, then I would remind you of this:

Perhaps the greatest single weapon an enemy has is to deceive you so you don't know where or how he's engaged you in the fight.

He knows it's a fight for your LIFE.

He knows you are dangerous for good - but only as much as you are free.


Full replay of the Deck, click here.

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