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Will you ride or run from the Wave?

Based upon His annual calendar appointment with all of us, God now poses these questions:

"My Wave is breaking - Will you run to it or from it?

Will you risk the ride of reward and revolution?"

From this time at Mount Sinai with Israel comes this question into our 'now' moment:

"You hear My Voice directly now. Will you draw back in fear or draw near in freedom?"

And then, from the 'upper room rumble' and the spill out on the city squares, is this:

"As I manifest My Spirit and interrupt your independence, will you receive or resist? Judge or join?"

This is His ongoing process He cycles us through each year.

Complacency kills. His intent is to deepen desire.

In His cycle, comes the next crossroad.

It found Israel at the base of Sinai; the one twenty in the penthouse suite of the Jerusalem Holiday Inn.

God sweeps down in Presence to find those whose hearts cry, 'More!'

Each year He bring us into greater freedom but then waits to see if we will respond to the Wave.

What? There's more?




Leaving the old is one thing: Cleaving to the new, another.

God's heart holds steady in His desire: Become a people - Be my special treasure - Bring the kingdom as my priests in the world.

First we leave, then we cleave... Always 'becoming' more.

The Wave is delightful AND dangerous. (Not really 'seeker friendly.') You cannot have one without the other.

There is a 'cost' in what is offered at Pentecost. It requires 'skin in the game.'

Yet the risk/reward matrix is multiplied back for those willing to ride.

How WILL that look for you today?

Start with this: Tell Him you're in.

All in; all you've been and all you will be.

Risk the ride. Ride the Wave.

Find the delight in the danger.


Full replay, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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