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What are you grounding to the earth? Don't fall for the bait

Too much of significance night to cover succinctly: Some touch points so you can decide if the replay would be helpful.

1. There's a clear reason why our cultural atmosphere is rife with accusations.

2. If you understand how this is truly sourced then you can be less vulnerable to be used by it.

3. The strategy to keep this active and disperse it further is working and we, if not aware, will be used to empower it.

4. Jesus saw how this strategy was used to HUNT Him: God time-stamped specific passages so we would see His strategy to defeat it.

5. The spirit of accusation used against you (or used to get you to move against another) will involve 'live bait' or an unwitting 3rd party.

6. The progression of attack is: Label, divide, isolate, minimize, fragment, scatter, destroy.

(You see this process on a national scale. It can likewise work against you, your family, the church.)

7. The end goal now, as it was with Jesus, is to create such fragmentation so as to stop His move in you and in the earth.

8. Counter strategies begin with awareness and dealing with the 'handholds' that the enemy may have in you.

(To that last point, Kim took the group through a corporate session to break it off.)

NONE of this is to set you in fear but to elevate your perspective so you see the larger field of battle and understand why you may be fighting this within other circles:

You're not actually crazy - you're just caught up in something much larger.

We do NOT fight against flesh and blood and we must see the strategy so we can engage it rightly.

Be aware of what you're grounding to the earth. Be mindful of 'live bait' and don't be taken by it.

Align who and how you are with and in Him, see the field and the strategy so you can overcome the attack as Jesus did.


Full replay of the Deck teaching, click here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe for immediate updates on new videos.

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