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The Promise and Peril of Great Anointing

God is releasing a greater anointing for the work that is at hand and the work soon to come.

Want it?

Good. There is both promise and peril in the authority that follow.

In the anointing of Israel's first king, Saul was given a new heart to walk it out, just like you.

But the first stop on his journey brought him to the identity question wrapped into his tribal line: Self-centered bitterness or blessing of authority; Movement in the flesh or by the Spirit.

He had to choose and then continue to align in one and not the other because both would pull on him.

So also with us: With the greater anointing the question of identity becomes key and this will affect how we start, move, maintain, and finish.

Events will press this to the front.

When our face is in the dirt, how will we respond?

Will we persist in humility and move by the Spirit or rise up in resentment and revenge by the flesh?

Bear in mind that what you face may not be an overt failure but rather a covert, subtle and seductive slide.

Easy enough to begin in earnest obedience by the Spirit, but then slowly slip into habit without holiness and management by manipulation.

Watch also for this: God will set the new anointing in the face of the former and tests how both react.

Will we respond as Saul to David or as David to Saul? How will others respond to what you bring?

Do not be offended but respond well.

A greater anointing IS upon us: Ask, receive, and walk it out, always in and by the Spirit.

As you walk through any identity "face plant," endure and rise again in greater authority.


Full replay of the Deck teaching, click here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe for immediate updates on new videos

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