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Don't fight the pressure when the pressure is of God

Most of us prefer to take change gradually, if at all, so we can keep a sense of comfort and normalcy. Newton's First Law says, 'A body at rest will remain at rest until...' Yeah, so, God knows that sometimes pressure and a jolt are required. And we have decisions to make.

When the pressures build and the jolt comes and we're hurled headlong into change and the chaos of the process, how will we respond? For indeed, our response is key in how quickly and readily we'll make the shift. And all that is hard when it feels like it came out of left field. (Hence the jolt.) The reality is that the pressures have been orchestrated and building for some time. But not for our harm.

To launch an F-18 from a carrier two sources of pressure are required - one from within and one without. The intense power generated from within is never enough to get it airborne alone. Any attempt to do so would doubtless be a short and thrilling ride...followed by a deep, personal and embarrassing water encounter.

To be rightly launched, 44,000 pounds of thrust need churn and push but the 'hold back bar' must keep it immobilized until the pressure and power of the catapult is aligned. Then and only then, in agreement and in time, these together throw 45,000 pounds of aircraft to 165 mph in about 2 seconds. Pressures build, the hold back holds, the release comes, the jolt shakes, the launch happens and the change begins.

So also, our Father does to propel His own into places and futures not considered. Yet still our response determines the flight, the landing, and the mission that shapes this life. (More detail, encouragement and biblical basis in the replay.) Meanwhile, take heart. The pressures, the chaos, the hold backs, the jolts - all arranged or deployed by our Father to reposition you. Do not be afraid or enraged: Getting launched...happens. Enjoy the ride. Shorten the transition. Stephen Watch full replay, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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