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Your deployment in God's strange strategy

We are now in a two-month season when God's strategy is to draw the enemy out and deal with him. He is moving things forward from dis-order to His order. Jehovah Sneaky often works like a Master in chess and that's where it gets challenging.

To an untrained eye this kind of strategy is a bewildering flurry of moves, countermoves, feints, attacks, sacrifices and sweeps around the side that appear sudden, risky and questionable. And that's as observed from the sidelines. It's a whole other matter it's personal: When you are one of the pieces on the board. Guess what? You are.

But you're not to be passive in this season for there are opposing 'decrees' that have been loosed and they are activated as they find agreement in the earth. Your assignment is to war by the decree He has released. BTW, you have more than just permission: You have authority and a responsibility so to act.

All the biblical basis for this and greater detail are in the replay. Meanwhile, some focal points for you to ponder:

  • What within your sphere does God want to move from dis-order to His order?

  • How is that 'chess board' laid out and do you the see His strategy as the pieces move?

  • Can you get perspective and see the whole board and not be freaked out by moves and counter moves?

  • How are you currently positioned on that 'board' and what is your responsibility to see, agree, and declare His decree for that part of the earth?

Be encouraged: This two-month season is a time to rejoice in all the process. Why? Because He wins and you're on the right team. Saddle up. Stephen Replay of the Deck teaching, click here.

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