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Time to pivot into your future

It is always amazing to walk in what God says in time in His word as He re-aligns our minds. This second biblical month functions as a hinge and, just like a hinge, there may be times of 'limbo' when you'll feel like you're flapping back and forth. But take heart, discern and pivot rightly and keep moving.

Watch for the movement -

  • From Freedom to fullness

  • From Salvation to sanctification

  • From sealed by to saturated with the Holy Spirit

  • From what God has accomplished FOR us to what He wants to accomplish WITH us.

This is a biblical pattern God brings us through each year so we re-engage a refreshed trajectory both personally and corporately.

Yet any 'To - From' process always has a messy middle. God deploys this time to mold, test, teach and prep His people for the MORE that is in store. In Israel's case there were of issues of meat and manna, water and warfare, management and movement. All dynamic opportunities and pressure points to re-calibrate them to engage God, each other and the enemy in a new way.

As with them, so with us. Expect no less as He will mold, teach, press and prepare us for the greater work we're to do with Him. Limbo-land journeys always perk out the best (or the worst) of our core. Failure and exposure isn't the issue: Hardening or yielding one's heart is.

Fret not: Great healing is also linked to this second month. (A Hebrew name for the month, IYAR, is an acrostic for "I AM God your Healer.") So, as things shift and sift, lean into His healing and wholeness then pivot yet again.

The tribe of Issachar 'knew the times and what Israel should do.' Seek that anointing - discern your current time through His Times and move accordingly. Pivot toward your future. Stephen Full replay, click here.

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