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Deeply saturated?

If someone asked, could you give a biblical basis and outline for being 'saturated' in the Spirit. (That's the deep Greek meaning of the word 'baptism.') Could you explain 3 types or aspects of that and how each relate? Could you/would you then facilitate and help then engage the fullness of Holy Spirit? Could you do it without alienating them or sounding like you’re a flake?

Sure, there are issues and this can be one 'hot topic.'

But brass tacks and bottom line: The church is in a battle and we need all that God provides.

Last night at The Deck, Abigail Eldridge established a framework to address many of these issues.

She draws heavily from both scripture and 46 years of hard-fought, God-wrought, hands-on experience to help others enter into the fullness of the Spirit.

You'll want to check out the links below to download the list of scriptures and peruse her recommended books.

This is a longer replay but it will provide you tools you need for what's before us all. Stephen Full replay, click here. Documents that Abigail handed out: Foundational scriptures for study and teaching The Promise of the Father A Word from the Lord on tongues Abigail's recommended books Experiencing the Holy Spirit by Robert Heidler The Holy Spirit and You by Rita and Dennis Bennett The Power of Impartation by Paul M. Goulet The Power of Praying in Tongues by Glenn Arekion Seventy Reasons for Praying in Tongues by Dr. Bill Hamon The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues by Mahesh Chavda

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