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Free Fall in the Grip of Grace

Intense Presence of God last night. Makes sense. He's on the move to prepare His people for even closer encounters...of the Holy kind. We see it in the post-Resurrection / pre-Pentecost time. Likewise between the Red Sea Rout and the Mt. Sinai Singularity.

God's first step to prep Israel was to transform the bitter and reveal His name as the One Who Heals. Bitter is a byproduct - often from the heart in its brokenness. But dropping into that little gem of our own mess is no picnic. Courage, transparency, and the death of denial are requisite traits for the traveler.

Yet while our own brokenness may repel us - it is deeply drawing for Him. (Many verses to that affect.) And what He does in that space and place may astound you. For some, it may even involve a 'free fall.' A time when the ways we controlled and held ourselves together is simply no more.

But if that is what is needed, let Him take you through. Remember that you remain in the grip of grace and in preparation so that you may reign in life.

We need be ready, willing and able to receive. Distracted, distressed and disconnected just ain't going to get it done. Watch the replay. Connect the dots. Let Him show you what needs be addressed. Get ready to receive that close encounter. Stephen Full replay of the Deck teaching, click here.

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