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The Deep Rest Requires a Deep Well

Have you entered so fully into The Rest that people can see it, feel it, and all but 'smell' it on you? The writer of Hebrews pulls no punches and ties the decision before God's people NOW with the decision of Israel at the border of the promise. They pushed back from the table and missed the fullness. God didn't leave them, but they never entered into the depths of The Rest.

So easy to presume we're 21st century, well-formed and informed believers - so all is good. The Word bounces off the surface rather than dropping into the depths. Dangerous tendency, that. For many, it safer on the surface with God. Yet it is into the depths that He calls us. And it is only there where we will experience that full and complete rest.

Granted, we read Hebrews and since we've rested from good works as a means to get salvation, we assume it's just not relevant. Yet the danger outlined there is one of not entering fully into rest because of a pattern of doubt and unbelief. To put a fine point on it: Have you entered so fully into The Rest that stress, fear, performing, people-pleasing, protecting your image and reputation, etc are completely non-issues for you? Me neither. Not yet. And so, there is a depth that God is plumbing: A well that is in each of us that He wants set into the deep so that you receive Him there and He can fill you.

Haven't you had enough with shallow wells? Deep cannot call to deep where there is no depth to call upon. Yet the world and the church ache for authenticity. Not some kind of mushy, gushy Oprah moment. Not some Teflon-coated, bulletproof every-problem-has-a-quick-solution-thank-you-very-much dogma. To encounter one with a deep well draws up a heart of strength, compassion, comfort and challenge. And possessing the deep well will take us into the kind of rest that we all long for. More? Watch the replay. Understand the path and process that God has us on. Let the Comfort of the Father go into the depths. Let Him set your well down into the Artesian Aquifer. Deep will call to deep. You will be filled. The deep rest awaits. And others will indeed drink of Him as they encounter you. Stephen Full replay of this Deck teaching, here.

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