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This Month: Position Yourself for a New Beginning

We serve The God of New Beginnings. We love and want those, but... His process can be our biggest challenge and conundrum.

This 8th biblical month is linked to the Flood narrative - a new beginning on a massive scale. Boatload of applications on the replay. Handful here:

  • 'Deep waters' deal with deep issues - personal, corporate, national, global. Don't assume it's an attack.

  • Deliverance into a new beginning is a process of time and separation: A necessity to cut off the old.

  • A new model/wine skin may take decades to build but be only functional for a short time. Don't battle God on this.

  • It's dangerous to stay in the safety of an old wine skin once God says it's time to move out.

God's process invariably involves instability. Oddly, that is THE most stable place you can be. Let your sea-legs develop.

New beginnings require an ability to forget. The emotional hooks of the past have to be broken.

Some of you are hidden and God will press you up and out. Some are 'on display' and God will press you into isolation. Comfort zones are toast. Bottom line: It is His process to get you into your new beginning. You won't change the process but always you get to choose: Revere or resent; submit or subvert. Choose well and process into your new beginning. Watch the replay. Let the Spirit speak.

Because, speaking frankly:

Playing it safe is the most dangerous thing a person like you can do. Stephen Replay of this Flight Deck teaching, here. Last quote from the movie, Moonstruck.

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