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We've Not Been This Way Before

HUGE month on God's calendar. So many anchor points that bring life. The Big Three 'Crossings' - Out of Egypt into wilderness with Moses; out of the wilderness into the Promise with Joshua, and; out of bondage, death and condemnation through Jesus. Powerful, compelling, encouraging anchors with the Blood of Lamb covering all.

Yet I was drawn most forcibly to Joshua and the command to follow the Ark into and across the Jordan, for 'you have not passed this way before.' (Josh 3) Suddenly, THAT spoke into what we're all walking through.

But what's the key with the Ark on point? Sometimes it's less about knowing where it's all going and more about what we carry as we step forward. The Ark was unique not simply for what it carried but what rested upon it. As with them, so with us: There are giants ahead but there's more in and on us than against us.

Another key is bringing everything intentionally under the blood. Clearly seen in Passover and the Crucifixion, but necessary on the Ark as well. For it, too, had the blood of the Sacrifice over it - to atone for the sins of the nation - that God could dwell in her midst and not destroy her. Could that be any less significant now?

God has been speaking and preparing us for months for these challenges. Six months ago it was that this new era would require a new mind-skin and how to shelter in place with Him. These past three months it was the crucible of chaos, moving through no man's land, and the requirement to wrestle to prevail, etc., etc., etc. He's been training us so we would not be upended by the current situation. Watch the replay, be encouraged and see what the Spirit highlights for you. We did better on the Facebook live stream with the tech side, but it's not flowing yet. In this new era the format and setting might need be altered, shattered or blown up. Everything is on His table. After all, we've never been this way before. Stephen Deck teaching replay, here.

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