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Draw Near Your King

There's some real expectation in the Body right now. Rightly so. God is moving in this midst of the craziness of COVID and this last Passover was a true Passover as we have seen no other. And now this time aligns with major biblical events when Heaven broke in and God's people choose their response.

The mountain trembled with smoke and noise, yet Moses chose to draw near God while others pulled back and refused to hear His Voice any more. Fast forward 1500 years and the 120 get Jehovah-juiced. Enraptured by the Spirit they spill out and gush over with praise into the streets of Jerusalem. Reactions abound: Some see confusion, some see a circus. Yet others get grabbed by the grace of God.

What IS God gonna do now in this month of the major feast of Shavuot? (Pentecost) For me, this 2nd feast is the 2nd step of God's annual process designed to draw us into deeper covenant relationship with Him. It's based on the covenant process of marriage: Leave, cleave, and become one.

It's one thing to leave mother and father; it's another to cleave to your spouse. (That's not just a one-time thing. There is always more leaving, more cleaving, more becoming one.) So also for Israel: Getting busted out of Egypt got them free but they were not yet fully joined. The disciples were all saved...but they needed to be saturated.

The COVID craziness has caused many to leave old patterns, religious or otherwise. Then to what or to Whom will we cleave more deeply? Will we allow whatever He brings to draw us more deeply into Him? But if we learn anything from Mt. Sinai and Mt. Zion in this month, it's that you really don't know what the King will do, until He chooses to loose it. Cleave to the King and not to the what, when, where and how He chooses to manifest His Power and Presence.

He IS moving and we must stay in Him

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